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YouTubers, Unite.

The times, they are changing. And for good. Your subscribers mean the world to you, don’t they?
They’re the reason you feel motivated to churn out better content, outdoing yourself each time.

There are some key problems that YouTubers have to face:

Low ad revenues from YouTube

YouTube’s 2 billion user-base is a potential that goes untapped

Inconsistent viewership

No real networking platform available that would connect brands directly with YouTubers

Good number of subscribers and views but very low revenue

YouTubers have to constantly look out for brand endorsements to reach their revenue goals

Low cost-per-click in India

Fear of missing out on valued fans due to insufficient replies to their comments

Being constantly on a lookout for other YouTubers to collaborate with

Sole dependence on advertising equals to a poor revenue potential

Perks of being a
YouTuber on Fancall

How it works.

For a platform that promises so much, you’d think it involves a bunch of complicated procedures and formalities, right? Well, fortunately, that couldn’t be further from the truth.
Here’s how it works (and it really is as simple as it looks) –

Register on the app

We believe in simplicity.
No complicated sign-ups, no credit card details required. Become a member with Fancall through easy, one-click registrations.

fancall time slot

Pick the time and the amount of time you wish to spend on Fancall

It’s your call – pun intended!
You’re at full liberty to select the dates and time windows best suited to your schedule.
Sans restrictions!

Set your own price for the video calls.

You are the sole decider of everything related to your Fancalls.
Update your desired charges, entirely as per your accordance.
No mandatory price range that you need to follow.

slot earning
fancall video

Connect with your fans

Some rules may have been meant to be broken, but privacy will never be one of them.
Have a personal, one-on-one interaction with your fans without sharing any personal details, and with complete privacy.

Get your amount credited into your account!

Click, click, cha-ching!
You get the amount deposited after the call ends, with a single request.
Could it be any easier?