By Aditi June 23, 2022

“5 Most Common Mistakes Budding YouTubers Make”

The channel is ready, your content is live. However, you feel like it isn’t doing too well, and you’re not happy with the results. Your videos aren’t getting enough likes or even views and your subscriber number is more or less at a standstill. 

But wait! before you go down a spiral and start questioning everything, here are top 5 reasons your channel might not be doing very well –

Are you Guilty of Making these 5 Mistakes as a YouTuber?

1. You are unable to engage your viewers 

One of the major reasons why your growth may be taking a hit – you are not being able to arouse and/or sustain your viewers’ attention. But that may seem like a vague, broad reason. Let’s explore it a bit. It’s likely to be one or more of the following reasons:

  • You have a Loooooooooong Intro

You want to keep the duration of your intro somewhere between 3 and 5 seconds. Anything longer than that and you risk losing your audience’s attention. Remember, you only get 10-20 seconds to convince viewers why they need to watch your video.

  • Your Videos are Too Short

While you don’t want to upload videos that are 30-40+ minutes, you also want to make sure they aren’t too short. By too short, we mean shorter than 5 minutes. 

  • Your Editing Lack Creativity 

Try to make sure your editing style isn’t too monotonous, or too one-tracked. You want to consider throwing in some creativity every 20-30 seconds. Now, this can either be as simple as a zoom-in-zoom-out effect, an animation, or changing the angle of your camera, etc. 

These little touches can ensure that your videos are holding the viewers’ attention.

  • Your Audio is Poor

If the sound quality of your video is bad, you risk annoying your viewers. 

2. Your Video Titles are Vague, not self-explanatory

Your video title is essentially equal to a headline. Something that can sum up the topic of the video, at the same time giving your viewers a reason to click on and watch your content. 

Instead of saying: “My first solo trip”,

Try something like “7 lessons I learned from my first solo trip”

However, bear in mind that your content has to deliver what the title promises. No click-baits, i.e. no misleading titles.

3. You’re not Thinking about your Thumbnails 

Your thumbnail serves to complement the title of your video. Put that to good use. Consider showing your face in the thumbnail. It’s likely to get you more views. An expression that captures the emotion of the video / your feelings towards the topic of the video.

Also, some of the most well-performing videos have custom thumbnails. That should tell you something, too. 

4. Jack of all Trades

You need to gear your channel and its content to the same kind of people, keeping in mind what kind of stuff they want to see in your videos. You should not be trying to cover too many domains through a single channel. If your channel was meant to talk about travel, don’t focus much on culinary art, music, DIY, or something. Give your audience what they expect from you. This is one of the main reasons it is so important to predefine your niche and stick to it.

5. You’re not Consistent 

YouTube’s algorithm makes it harder for channels with inconsistent uploads to grow. That is one of the reasons why it may seem that the more successful ones are continuing to flourish. If you aren’t regular with your uploads, it will actually impede your growth. Ensure that you post videos at least once every week.

One good way to do that is to have a line-up of ideas ready beforehand so that you don’t face a block when it comes to posting. That way, you have enough content to post while you take time to come up with something new.

Well, that’s that. These are some of the reasons your growth rate might be slow. 

Does this help? Let us know in the comments!

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