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Perks of Being a

Creator on Fancall

Personalized fan interactions
Secure and private connections
Direct connection with brands
More time for content creation
More business opportunities
Credibility and growth through networking
Hassle-free scheduling
Monetize and expand your fanbase
Everyday struggles of a


Time-consuming Fan Message Management

One-on-one Fan Interaction Limitations

Privacy and Security Risks

Limited Fan Interaction Monetization Options

Struggles of Finding Brand Endorsements

Always Searching for Collab Partners

Eligibility Criteria for Creators

Join our community of top-notch Creators by meeting our eligibility criteria.

Atleast 10K Followers
Face Reveal is must
No Nudity
Good views on videos
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Frequently asked questions

The respective Creators decide the rates for Fancalls, which are 3 minutes long. Note that the rates listed on the application do not include GST and other taxes.
Yes, you will receive a full refund in your Fancall wallet if the YouTuber is unable to attend a scheduled Fancall.
No, you will not receive a refund if you cancel a scheduled Fancall.
No, Fancall connects you directly with Creators, so you won't need to use a third-party app.
If your call gets disconnected during the Fancall, you can file a complaint on the application, and if verified, you'll receive a full refund in your Fancall wallet.
If any violent or abusive behavior occurs during the Fancall, either the Creator or the fan can report the offender, stating the reason for the report.
If you are unable to sign in after completing the sign-up process, it may be because your identity and YouTube channel are still being verified. We verify your identity by confirming that the email address you provided is associated with a valid YouTube account and that your channel is in good standing. This verification process typically takes 24 hours and it is done to ensure that only legitimate users who meet the platform's minimum requirements can access the site. Once your identity and channel have been verified, you should be able to sign in to the platform easily.