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App Guide

Now you know what Fancall is, it’s time to learn how simple it is, too. Whether you’re a fan, a brand, or a YouTuber, Fancall is the place to be – a platform that brings the YouTube community right at your fingertips. 

Not sure how to proceed or feeling stuck at any step of the process? Here are two quick video guides to walk you through our one-time registration processes – for fans and for YouTubers, both. In addition to the registration process, the guide also takes you through every step of your Fancall journey, from signing up to creating your profile, to booking Fancalls, opening up slots, and making payment for Fancalls, right up to delete your profile. Whatever you need, these videos have it all. 

Go ahead and get started!

Fancall User Guide For Fan

Fancall User Guide For Youtubers