By Aditi January 17, 2023

Want to Grow Your YouTube Channel? Stop Doing These 5 Things

The YouTube world is as demanding as it is rewarding. If you are a YouTuber, you know that it’s definitely not the easiest job in the world. Building a YouTube channel takes time, effort, commitment, and consistency. And even then, you may find that the results aren’t always what you expected. Well, we’re here to help you turn that around.

Here are 5 Reasons your YouTube Channel might not be Growing:

1. Long Videos

If your YouTube videos are too long, chances are that most viewers will not click on them at all. Shorter, bite-sized videos tend to work better to attract new viewers. Even if your topic is a broad one, you can break it down into multiple videos of shorter durations and compile them into a playlist.

2. Long Opening Sequence

In continuation of #1, long opening sequences are almost certain to turn viewers away from your videos. The first few seconds of any video are very important. It is in this time that you give your audience a reason to stay. So, if your opening sequence is over five seconds long, you risk losing the viewers’ interest.

3. Generic titles

The title of your YouTube videos plays a vital role in attracting your viewers. A good title increases the chances of your video catching the viewers’ eyes. A generic one, on the other hand, makes your video easy to skip. Another good way to make titles interesting is to include quantitative figures, i.e., numbers. 

Consider this example:

Don’t: Easy-to-cook lunch recipes
Do: 10 lunch recipes in under 10 mins

4. Not-so-interesting Thumbnails

A thumbnail is all about first impressions. It serves as a teaser for your video and gives the audience a glimpse of what it is all about. A boring YouTube thumbnail can easily lead to your videos getting lost in the clutter, while a creative thumbnail will pique the curiosity of the viewers and force them to click. For instance, if you’re posting a transformation video or a cooking tutorial, it might help to have a photo of the end result on your thumbnail.

5. Too Many Cooks…

Think of a travel vlogger. Now, think of a fitness YouTuber. Now, a lifestyle influencer. I’m sure there was at least one YouTuber who came to your mind as soon as you read this. Why? Because their channel specializes in one niche. Instead of trying to talk about multiple topics or niches through your YouTube channel, consider choosing one and sticking to it. If your channel was created for art tutorials, your followers might not be interested in your fitness videos. If you have more than one niche, you can absolutely consider creating a separate channel, but refrain from mixing them. 

And that’s it! Keep these five points in mind for your next video.