By Aditi June 23, 2022

“Fancall, India’s #1 YouTubers-only Social Networking App”

YouTube is, more or less, the world’s go-to for all purposes – picking up a new skill, improving academic performance, learning how to cook the perfect stew, deciding which shiny new smartphone to invest in, trying to fix an itinerary for a long-awaited trip up North, learning how to get fitter at home, what have you. Sounds familiar? Everything you could imagine, you might just find on YouTube. So, we found a way for you to make the most of the platform. 

In the digital age where we’re consuming loads and loads of content via YouTube every day, an app like Fancall brings an endless list of possibilities. Whether it’s for personal, professional, or business purposes, there’s really no limit to how you can leverage this platform. 


Connecting YouTubers & fans via personal video calls

1. Learners

Let’s say you’re browsing through endless YouTube videos, struggling with baking cookies, wondering why every batch comes out either too soggy or rock-hard or that you’re a self-studying student stuck on a particularly nasty physics problem – and the helplessness creeps in. You’ve tried leaving comments on their videos but have had no response. Which was not exactly unexpected but disheartening nevertheless. But, what if we told you you could get all your questions answered in person, via personal video calls directly with your desired YouTuber? Well, well – Enter Fancall! 

2. Fanperson moments

It’s a special occasion, perhaps your best friend’s birthday, and you wish to surprise them with a quick, personal video call with their favorite YouTuber (first of all, kudos! You’re a great friend). Is the only thing better than gifting someone a Fancall with their most beloved YouTube content creator? Gifting them TWO! *wink, wink*

3. Business

If you’re running a brand or a business that needs representation, you know how difficult it is sometimes to get hold of your desired YouTube influencers. The many formalities, the endless wait before they reply to your emails / DMs, the miscommunications… enough to leave you frustrated, sometimes. Not anymore. Book your Fancall with the YouTubers you’re interested in recruiting, pay the charges for the call, and connect with them directly via personal video calls for clear communication. 

4. Collaborators

If you’re a YouTuber or an influencer waiting for an opportunity to collaborate with a fellow content creator, Fancall might be the quickest way to do that. While you can definitely DM them, it is very much possible, more probable, really, that your message is lost somewhere under the deluge of DMs in their inbox. Fancall eliminates all that and truly adheres to the adage ‘KISS’ – ’Keep it simple, stupid’. No restless periods of waiting. Make your pitch directly and clearly via direct video calls. 

Let us take you quickly through how this works –

  1. Download, register, and log in on the Fancall Android & Fancall IOS app.
  2. Select the influencer you wish to connect with.
  3. Book a time slot (2 minutes per slot).
  4. Compensate them for their time as per their charges. 
  5. Voilà! Set up the counter.

Got something on your mind you think we might be able to help you with? Shoot your questions and we’ll be happy to help you!