By Aditi June 24, 2022

YouTube is one of the go-to platforms for almost everyone. Whether it’s to look for product reviews, learn a new skill, get better at academics, or even unwind with quick laugh gags, YouTube never fails to satisfy. The credit goes to YouTubers and content creators. Everything you could imagine, you might just find on YouTube. 

It’s the digital era, where we’re all consuming a great amount of content via social media every day. Now, an app like Fancall brings an endless list of possibilities for everyone – whether it’s for personal, professional, or business purposes. It is an influencer networking platform that brings a revolutionary approach to the same by bridging the gap between YouTube content creators and their viewers via personal and paid video calls. While the viewer benefits from these interactions, the YouTuber also receives a monetary return (fixed at their discretion) for said interaction.

If you’re a YouTuber, here are four exciting ways in which Fancall can be an asset for you– 

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More business opportunities

Fancall is a one-of-its-kind influencer networking app that connects YouTubers and brands directly through personal video calls. It dies away with the endless channels of communication and long waiting time, putting both parties in touch for face-to-face virtual communication. This instant networking allows more brands to find YouTubers relatively quickly and, consequently, brings more collaboration opportunities.

Direct connection with brands & content creators 

If you’re a YouTuber or an influencer waiting for an opportunity to collaborate with a fellow content creator, Fancall might be the quickest way to do that. While you can definitely DM them, it is very much possible – more probable – that your message is lost somewhere under the deluge of DMs in their inbox. Fancall eliminates all that and truly adheres to the adage ‘KISS’ – ’Keep it simple, stupid’. Meetings and partnerships with your desired YouTube influencers are just one click away, quite literally. The best part? YouTubers can convert these partnership communications into quick revenue through each Fancall they complete.

Credibility and growth through networking

We’re all privy to the importance and wonders of networking in the digital world. Fancall comes as yet another breakthrough in this field. By connecting brands, YouTubers, content creators, and fans, this networking app helps iron out the kinks in communication and establishes direct contact between the two parties. A brand that has communicated directly with potential collaborators is more likely to trust them over someone they have only been communicating with through emails and DMs. 

Personal relations with your biggest fans

In addition to the above, YouTubers are also just one video call away from their viewers and fans; this kind of networking can go a long way in helping their channel(s) grow through loyalty and communication. Besides the benefits of networking with viewers, YouTubers also earn big bucks by simply connecting with them – it’s as simple as that!