By Aditi June 23, 2022

“Quick tips for YouTubers”

Being a YouTuber sure sounds fun, but is far from being easy. The first few weeks/months play a pivotal role in helping you grow. 

Now, you’ve already started your YouTube channel and started uploading videos. How to proceed? How to ensure they’re doing well without having to shell out on paid promotions? 

Well, luckily, there are plenty, PLENTY of ways to ensure your channel is reaching wider masses before you decide to reach into your pocket and make an investment. 

Best ways to grow your YouTube channel

1. Centre your content around a single keyword 

It goes without saying that using keywords is the best, undisputed way to drive traffic to your channel. However, to make the most of it, take one single keyword and build your content around it. We’d suggest you pick your keyword before you start working on putting your content together. This way, you can incorporate it into your video naturally. 

2. KISS (Keep it short, stupid)

Good news! You DO NOT have to write and direct an entire film in order for your channel to do well. As long as your content is unique and well-executed, you can dictate the duration of the video. Some of the most liked YouTube videos are less than 5 minutes long. 

3. A Good Opener 

The first few seconds of your videos are all you get to rope in your audience. Make them count. For example, if you’re making a DIY or makeup tutorial, maybe show the final results first, to spark their curiosity. Another good way is to open with an interesting story. We all love stories. This might not only help sustain the audience’s interest, but it may also help them empathise with you, and relate to you more. 

4. Keep Your Opening Sequence Short

A long title or opening sequence is one of the surest, easiest ways to put off your audience. They don’t have a long attention span, and consequently, are less likely to commit to watching your video. Try to keep the opening sequence under 5 seconds. 

5. Engage with your Audience 

Begin by engaging with the comments you get on your videos. Try liking and replying to as many comments as you can. YouTube ranks channels according to engagement, watch time, likes, dislikes, and comments. What’s more? Your comment section may just give you the tips and tools you need to improve the quality of your content. It might tell you what viewers want from your channel. 

6. Visual Branding 

If your visual branding (read aesthetics) are off-putting, you’re losing points, despite the good quality of your content. What we mean by visual branding is – try to give a visual personality to your channel, something that can help your audience distinguish you from other channels.

7. Cross-promotion 

If you aren’t cross-promoting your content across various social media channels, you’re doing it a great injustice. Take to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn – whatever is relevant – to promote your content. If there’s a restriction on the length of the video, one good way to promote it is to post a short teaser of sorts on such platforms and redirect it to your channel. 

8. Have good thumbnails 

Now, this one isn’t simply about the aesthetics, but about creating a lasting first impression on your viewers, enough to force them to click. Another advantage is that it may help your videos jump the queue when it appears on the right side amongst other video recommendations. 

Et, voila! These are just a handful of quick tips on how to boost your content organically as a YouTuber.

Let us know what’s worked for you and what hasn’t, in the comments section!

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