By Meenakshi December 15, 2023

Did you know in October 2023, India had the largest YouTube audience size with a size of 550 million users? According to YouTube, the content that has hooked the audience came from different parts of India and in various languages. Recently, Google has released its list of top YouTube videos for 2023. YouTube in India isn’t just a platform; it’s a vibrant community where people connect, share, and celebrate. From regional voices breaking national barriers to independent artists finding their audience, it’s a platform that democratizes creativity and empowers diverse voices. As a platform that connects niche YouTuber experts with its audience via personalized video call, we thought to highlight how 2023 went on YouTube.


A Giant Leap on Views: Remember that childhood dream of touching the stars? Well, India’s space agency, ISRO, took us a giant leap closer with the Chandrayaan-3 mission. Its live telecast on YouTube topped the charts, garnering over 150 million views. This wasn’t just a scientific spectacle; it was a collective gasp of awe, a shared dream soaring on the wings of technology.

Here is the glimpse of top trending videos of 2023


Gaming Goes Nuclear:

Buckle up, virtual troopers! Gaming content in India went supernova in 2023, with views skyrocketing by a staggering 400%. The GTA 5 Trailer 1 pulverized records, clocking over 100 million views within 24 hours! This wasn’t just about pixels and polygons; it was a testament to the rising power of Indian gamers and the creativity of content creators crafting immersive worlds for millions to explore.

Get a quick glimpse of gaming world through YouTube lense

Get a quick glimpse of gaming world through YouTube lense

Music Maestroes Paint the Web:

Move over, Bollywood! Regional tunes like Bhojpuri and Punjabi set the dance floors on fire, with views for non-Hindi music soaring by a spicy 200%. From Pawan Singh’s chart-topping beats to Shilpi Raj’s soulful melodies, regional voices found their national stage, proving that India’s musical map is a vibrant mosaic of diverse flavors.

Laughter, the Best Masala:

But amidst the spacefaring and sonic adventures, what truly tickled India’s funny bone? Stand-up comedy, of course! Views for comedic content grew by a whopping 300%, with witty stand-up routines and hilarious sketches becoming the go-to stress busters. From Anubhav Singh Bassi’s insightful observations to Ashish Chanchlani’s parodies, these comedians had us rolling on the floor, proving that laughter is the universal language of YouTube.

Beyond the Big Hits:

But India’s YouTube story isn’t just about the big numbers and chart-toppers. It’s about the hidden gems, the niche communities, and the creators who are quietly shaping the digital landscape. Educational channels like “Physics Wallah” and “Unacademy” are making complex topics accessible and engaging, empowering millions to learn and grow. Cooking channels like “Hebbar’s Kitchen” and “Maa ka Dabba” are heroes of the budget-conscious kitchen, dishing out delicious yet affordable meals, one video at a time.

The Power of Connection:

The gaming community was also a major driver of YouTube watch time in India in 2023. The GTA VI Trailer 1 set a new record for views in 24 hours for a non-music video, with over 100 million views. This is a testament to the growing popularity of gaming in India, and the increasing sophistication of gaming content creators.

Of course, music is always a popular category on YouTube, and India was no exception in 2023. The top music video on the list was “Pasoori” by Sri Lankan singer Yohani, which had over 1 billion views. This song was a huge hit across India, and its catchy tune and relatable lyrics resonated with people of all ages.


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