By Meenakshi July 5, 2022

“Fancall Isn’t Just for Fans”

This multifaceted platform caters to all users. 

While it may seem as if Fancall is meant only for fans stanning for YouTubers, there’s actually so much more to it than just that. It is a platform that welcomes everyone who consumes content on YouTube. Its objective is to straighten out the kinks in communication that YouTubers and their viewers might have to deal with. And this is done *cue drumroll* via direct, one-to-one video calls!

Now, naturally, not everyone who wishes to connect with a YouTuber is necessarily a fan, right? It might be a student or a self-learner reaching out to strengthen their understand about a certain topic; it might be a mighty generous friend trying to surprise someone by scheduling a virtual meet with their favourite YouTube influencer; it might be a fellow YouTube content creator proposing a collaboration; or even a brand wishing to partner with suitable content creators in an effort to push its digital boundaries.

Connect with YouTubers for influencer marketing & collaboration

Fans come first

The first category of beneficiaries that comes to mind – fans, of course, as the name suggests. 

Personally interacting with your favourite YouTubers is no longer a mere dream. Connect with them directly, via personal video calls! Whether you have a request to make of them, show them your love, or simply wish to surprise another fan on a special occasion to mark their day, Fancall is the way to go.

Learners seeking answers/guidance 

YouTube holds the answers to countless, countless topics. Ranging from academics to music to fitness to culinary skills, there’s nothing that renders YouTube speechless. Ever. What better way to learn more than connecting directly with the gurus themselves?

Go ahead, get your questions and doubts ready, because learning just got much, much easier!

Fellow YouTubers 

You know what they say – “Out of sight, out of mind.”  

Well, they say it ‘cause it’s true. Sometimes, despite your best efforts to connect with a YouTuber, it’s possible that your requests go unanswered. Not necessarily because they wish to ignore you, but merely because it’s super easy for your email or DM to get lost under the inundation of mails that they receive. 

Fancall is a quick, simple way for content creators to connect and collaborate with each other without having to go through a layer of intermediaries. Delayed responses, who?

Brands / Businesses 

The above is also true for brands looking to connect with influencers to promote their products. Meetings and partnerships with your desired YouTuber are just one click away, quite literally.