By Meenakshi June 24, 2022

“Why Fancall Needs to Be on Every YouTuber’s To-Do List”

Earn big bucks by simply connecting with your fans – it’s as simple as that!

Whether someone’s seeking an expert opinion on which smartphone to buy next, tips to bake the perfect cookies, music tutorials, or even some help with exams – YouTube has been the go-to solution for the global population. And that has led the world to discover an incredible platform where they can share their skills, talents, art, and literally everything that makes YouTube what it is today. It is YouTube content creators and influencers such as yourself who have shaped YouTube, and will continue to do so.

However, it hasn’t been a very smooth ride, has it?

Some problems that the best amongst you have faced are –

  • Low ad revenues from YouTube
  • The constant search for brand endorsements
  • Low cost-per-click in India
  • No real networking platform connecting brands directly with YouTubers
  • Risk of losing valued fans due to insufficient replies to comments

Connecting with fans & businesses has never been this rewarding

The solution?

Fancall – A one-click solution that helps you capitalise your influence in the digital community. It’s the first platform in the global market to connect YouTubers and fans through direct video calls. 

Here’s a brief video to walk you through the process –

What’s in it for you? 

  • More business opportunities 
  • Direct connection with brands 
  • More time for content creation
  • Credibility and growth through networking 
  • A more efficient source of income

Who can connect with you? 

  • Fans, for one-on-one interaction
  • Brands, for partnerships and endorsements 
  • Fellow YouTubers, for collaboration

Come, be one of the first few YouTubers, the first members of the digital revolution that Fancall is destined to bring. Sounds almost too good, right? Download the app & register right now. That will change your mind 😉

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