By Meenakshi July 14, 2022

Gone are the days when conventional celebrity-led ads were the norm. Not anymore. With countless evolutions that the digital space has seen, netizens have become much more aware, and as a result, traditional ads have begun to lose their charm. The audience today prefers honest community reviews over celebrity endorsements. That is what influencer marketing promises. 

While communication through celebrities may be an option for some, influencer marketing seems to be more effective for most. While a celebrity may have millions of followers from all around the world, an influencer with matching ideals with the brand is more likely to be relatable to the masses. Your brand might be more relevant to those niche followers, so you can communicate more effectively without spending a fortune on celebrities. 

Fancall is an excellent way for brands to connect with YouTube influencers. It facilitates communication between YouTubers and the community via direct and secure video calls. Besides easing the communication channel, here’s what Fancall means for brands–

No third-party expenses & intervention

Improved brand awareness

The most obvious objective of influencer marketing is to improve brand awareness. And Fancall makes this easier by eliminating the layers of communication between YouTubers and brands. YouTubers enjoy a large following on social media, which, for your brand, can translate to better reach and effectiveness of communication, drawing more footfall to your brand’s social media. Even if you wish to target a new demographic, influencer marketing is one of the most effective ways to achieve that.

Better collaboration opportunities that equal increased credibility 

Most netizens take to product reviews and opinions that come from an unbiased third party. A brand that is endorsed by certain influencers can expect better credibility in the community. Fancall brings you in direct contact with such YouTubers. Influencer opinions are perceived to be more reliable by consumers, and hence, brands that collaborate with such influencers enjoy a better reputation.

An easy way to reach the target audience through YouTubers

Fancall helps you get in touch with desired YouTubers through direct video calls. All you need to do is look for relevant influencers, whose ideals and beliefs line up with the brands. The followers of such YouTubers are likely to include a large part of your target audience. Hence, you get effective brand communication that reaches a wider audience.

Engagement rate 

Coming up with original and exciting content every day can get exhausting. However, when brands collaborate with YouTube content creators, not only does some of that responsibility become shared, but it also leaves more space for better, innovative content. As influencers talk about your brand, it creates a ripple effect, leading to an increase in engagement rate across social media platforms.