By Aditi June 20, 2022

Easiest ways to collaborate with a YouTube influencer

We’ve already established the influence and power of YouTube and YouTube influencers in this post. (https://www.fancall.in/why-influencer-marketing-may-be-more-rewarding-than-celebrity-endorsements/) Now it’s time to address the HOW part. How to find the right YouTuber? How to collaborate with those YouTuber influencers?

Collaborate with a YouTuber in 6 steps!

1. Keep your objectives in sight 

What do you want to achieve through this collaboration? What are your KPIs? Boosting sales? Better market penetration? Identify and highlight your objectives before you start reaching out to YouTubers. It will help narrow down the search. 

2. Identify the set of YouTubers 

In the midst of the millions of influencers in the YouTuber community, it is easy for brands and businesses to get overwhelmed. The first step will help you move past that, to find the right set of influencers, those who can help you achieve your highlighted goals, and whose values align with those of your brand. 

Draw up a list of potential influencers in your niche and do your homework – what kind of content they’re into, what kind of collaborations they’ve done before, what their target audience is, etc. 

You can find a list of the leading influencers on Fancall, across spaces including –

  • Beauty
  • Fashion
  • Travel & lifestyle
  • Education
  • Cooking
  • Technology
  • Gaming
  • Vlogging

3. Start connecting 

Now that you’ve shortlisted your potential YouTubers, it’s time to start getting in touch with them, one by one. The quickest way to reach out to them is via Fancall. Include the following in your communication when you contact them:

  • About you / your brand
  • What kind of content you’re looking for 
  • What you expect from this collaboration 
  • Your reason for reaching out to them 

Above all, be real and genuine in your communication.

4. Brief and let brainstorm 

Once the responses start pouring in, get ready to brief your YouTuber influencers about your collaboration. Explain your goals, how you’d want them to portray the brand, etc. Leave it at that. Let their creativity take the reins from there. Let them brainstorm and come back to you with strategies and ideas. 

Sometimes, brands tend to get too involved in the brainstorming process, which may lead to the dilution of the YouTuber’s content. Brands are generally looking for advertisements and commercials, whereas YouTubers understand that the audience seeks authenticity and relatability. Let them do their job. 

Abstain from using words like “viral” while briefing them. It’s an overused word and it is known to put them off. Allow them to share their deadlines, or, if you have a strict schedule, allow them some buffer time by briefing them well in advance. 

5. Start creating 

Once you’ve zeroed in on an idea, it’s time to get the ball rolling. It is usually recommended that brands continue to collaborate with said influencer over a longer period. This allows the audience to make the association easily. Although, that is not to say that one-off collaborations do not work. They work well. 

6. Amplify

Now that your collaboration video is up and running, it’s time to take it to live and amplify it on multiple social media channels. Start promoting your content, and adapt it to different social media layouts and formats to optimize reach and views. 

That’s it! It may require a good amount of time, research, and effort, but if done rightly, it is well worth it. 

Have questions? Drop them in the comments, our team would be more than happy to assist you. 

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