By Aditi June 17, 2022

The Perks of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has been on an unprecedented rise over the past couple of years. It wouldn’t be stretching the truth to say that it may have overtaken celebrity marketing – for both local and international businesses. A rapidly increasing number of brands are collaborating with influencers to promote their offerings. But, why? Why not go for celebrities who have a huge number of followers? Let’s see what makes influencer marketing comparatively much more rewarding –

Why Influencer Collaborating & Influencer Marketing Works


The audience values authentic, transparent communication and brand relationships, which is why influencers are a more trusted community, compared to celebrities. There is an underlying principle of trust and respect in the relationship between an influencer and their followers, who not only value them for their opinions and morals but also share them. 

A study conducted by MuseFind reveals that 92% of consumers are more likely to trust influencers over other conventional advertisements. A survey by gen. video shows that 33% of consumers would rely on influencers for making purchasing decisions. 

Financial sustainability 

While celebrities charge lakhs of rupees for a single piece, influencers, who are far more affordable, have proven to be just as effective (sometimes more so). More and more brands are coming to this conclusion for themselves as they engage in influencer collaborations.


Celebrity endorsements might get your brand some visibility, sure – but is that enough to boost sales? Not really. Your consumers are smart enough to realize that celebrities are not necessarily experts, whereas most influencers are typically experts/enthusiasts in their respective niches. It is only natural that their reviews and considered more reliable. 

Data from Collective Bias concludes that 30% of consumers would make a purchase of a product endorsed by an influencer as opposed to the 3% who would purchase one endorsed by a celebrity. 



While celebrities generally communicate, influencers INTERACT. There’s much more relatability there, which differentiates them majorly from celebrities. Consumers stumble upon influencers while seeking out reliable sources and expert opinions, therefore, the relationship involves trust and credibility right from the get-go.

The Role of Fancall

This is where Fancall comes in. Ours is a one-of-its-kind application that bridges the gap between YouTubers and their fans, dedicated to turning dreams into reality. A revolutionary platform that caters to various segments of the audience, Fancall promises to be a milestone in the future of influencer marketing in India. 

We host influencers ranging from across categories – fashion, lifestyle, gaming, riding, adventure, travel, food, education – you name it.

How it works.

  1. Download the app and sign up as a fan.
  2. Search and Select the YouTuber you wish to connect with.
  3. Choose the date and time you wish the YouTuber to call you.
  4. Choose how long you wish to talk and pay accordingly. 
  5. Voilà! Your Youtuber will call you directly on your phone!

Fancall App On Android & Fancall App On IOS

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