By Meenakshi June 21, 2022

Top 10 Indian Travel YouTubers to Follow

Travel vlogging seems to be one of the most viewed categories on YouTube. With the number of new, up-and-coming YouTubers with their unique content, it is no surprise, either. Their content has made traveling, even to remote places, much easier, manageable, and hassle-free for many travelers, who prefer their sage advice and travel tips to any other conventional travel guides. Why? A YouTuber’s travels and systematically documented, and their suggestions and tips seem to be far more reliable and genuine. 

Which Indian travel YouTubers should you follow, then? Which influencers are relevant to your brand, if you’re looking for brand endorsements or collaborations? 

We’re hoping our curated list will help you answer those questions. 

Best Indian travel vloggers to collaborate with

1. Mountain Trekker

Channel: Mountain Trekker
Name: Varun Vagish 
Hometown: New Delhi
Beginning of YouTube journey: 2007
Subscribers: 1.58M

A 38-year-old traveller hailing from New Delhi, Varun Vagish, a former journalist, radio news reader, and academician, decided to quit his job to pursue his dream of travelling all over the world. He began documenting his travels in the form of a web series, sharing personal insights, and helpful tips for budget travel. Besides being featured in several prestigious websites and magazines, he’s also earned the ‘National Tourism Award’ by the Government of India, as an appreciation for his contributions to the domain of Tourism. He’s a seasoned traveller, having travelled extensively across the country before exploring countries including Canada, Rome, Thailand, Turkey, South Korea, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, and Italy.

2. Ayush Dinker 

Channel: Ethereal
Name: Ayush Dinker 
Hometown: New Delhi
Beginning of YouTube journey: 2013
Subscribers: 176K 

This channel features films centered around culture, society, travel, nature, history, and much more by way of a compelling narrative that weaves both fact-finding and storytelling into it. Ayush is a filmmaker based out of Delhi, whose USP is essentially stellar drone shots and hyper-lapse videos of some of the most stunning locations like Meghalaya and Ladakh.

3. Kritika Goel 

Channel: Kritika Goel 
Name: Kritika Goel 
Hometown: Vellore, Tamil Nadu 
Beginning of YouTube journey: 2007 
Subscribers: 511K 

Kritika is one of the most celebrated Indian vloggers, dominating the categories of travel and lifestyle. She uploads two videos per week, every Tuesday and Saturday. The 26-year-old has traveled extensively across India as well as countries like Iceland, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, and Dubai, just to name a few. What makes her videos truly appealing and relatable is her hubby, cheerful personality. 

4. Tanya Khanijow 

Channel: Tanya Khanijow 
Name: Tanya Khanijow 
Hometown: Mumbai
Beginning of YouTube journey: 2012
Subscribers: 992K 

Yet another traveler who quit her corporate job in 2018 to chase her dreams of full-time exploration, Tanya has won over several traveling enthusiasts from all over the world. Her videos clearly reflect her wanderlust, her love for adventures, and her cultural curiosity. 

Some of her most loved videos cover her trek to Everest Base Camp in Nepal, self-drive and camping in Namibia, exploring Nagaland, Bhutan, Spiti valley, Arunachal Pradesh, and the famous Ziro Music Festival. Viewers treasure her personal views and travel hacks.

5. Saravana Kumar 

Channel: India In Motion\
Name: Saravana Kumar 
Hometown: Tamil Nadu
Beginning of YouTube journey: 2014
Subscribers: 253K

Launched in the year 2014, India In Motion is Kumar’s portfolio of unique semi-documentary style videos with modest yet impressive cinematography and editing. His videos are shot and edited in a way that never fails to evoke an emotional response from the viewers. His videos majorly focus on the gems of North-east India and the Himalayas. In addition to helping his viewers live vicariously through his videos, he also shares expert photography tips and hacks for those who share a love of camping. The highlight? His video often features local music that beautifully reflects the beauty of the place. 

6. Ronnie & Barty 

Channel: Ronnie & Barty 
Name: Rohan Thakur & Bharati Bahrani
Hometown: Mumbai
Beginning of YouTube journey: 2010
Subscribers: 341K

Having garnered a work experience of 8 years in film and television media, the filmmaking couple moved to Manali in order to dedicate all their time and efforts to their YouTube channel. One of the most beloved traveling couples and YouTubers in India, their content largely features the Indian Himalayas, covering a variety of lesser-known gems in the region. Their storytelling, experience in the field of filmmaking and media, and an unfiltered glimpse into their ‘pahadi’ life are what make their content truly unique. Not to mention they have a stunning Instagram feed, too! 

7. Mumbiker Nikhil

Channel: Mumbiker Nikhil 
Name: Nikhil Sharma 
Hometown: Mumbai 
Beginning of YouTube journey: 2013
Subscribers: 3.93M

A travel and biking enthusiast, Nikhil Sharma, a former cabin crew with Qatar Airlines, is now an eminent travel YouTuber with a huge follower base. His mission is to successfully capture and show the world’s most mind-blowing views to his viewers. Combining his wanderlust with his love for biking, he churns out some truly amazing content, leaving no doubt as to his rise to fame. He has explored places including but not limited to Japan, Europe, Dubai, the UK, the US, and countless more. 

8. Nomadic Indian

Channel: Nomadic Indian 
Name: Deepanshu Sangwan
Beginning of YouTube journey: 2017
Subscribers: 1.58M

An icon in the world of travel vlogging and YouTube, Deepanshu refuses to let any one place define his roots. He has lived in different parts of the country, including New Delhi, Mumbai, Bikaner, and currently, Chandigarh. Having launched his channel in 2017, he has been quick to cover some of the most beautiful destinations of the world across Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Afghanistan, Mongolia, Azerbaijan, Thailand, Armenia, Russia, Iran, and countless more. He shares tips about budget travel, local stars, and hitchhiking to help out fellow travel enthusiasts, making his channel a goldmine of information. 

9. Hopping Bug

Channel: Hopping Bug
Name: Nishit Sharma
Beginning of YouTube journey: 2014
Subscribers: 264K

A portfolio that is essentially a repository of travel videos shot rather like short films than vlogs, Hopping Bug was started in 2014 with a sole mission: Dreams are born to dare. His channel is widely applauded for its cinematography, creative editing styles, and lovely aesthetic that captures the views. He uses drones and gimbals to bring us some of the most bewitching videos of all times, raising the bar for cinematography. His videos feature warm, soul-stirring conversations with locals that resonate with the viewers. 

10. Toll-Free Traveller 

Channel: Toll-Free Traveller 
Name: Rohith Ashok
Hometown: Chennai, Tamil Nadu 
Beginning of YouTube journey: 2016
Subscribers: 139K

Rohith Ashok, a former corporate lawyer, quit his job to give in to his calling – travel, adventure, and biking. He has traveled extensively across India on his bike without any proper prior planning. He loves impromptu travel and rides out whenever he feels like it. His videos narrate beautiful stories about the locals, culture, food, and more. He’s biked across the beauties of Sikkim, Meghalaya, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Goa, and many more. 

Which of these YouTubers do you follow? Do you think we have missed out on your favorite travel YouTubers? Let us know in the comments!  

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