By Aditi June 23, 2022

“India’s 10 most celebrated fitness YouTubers”

Today’s article is dedicated to those who made WFH (working out from home) a ride! To those who motivated and inspired us every day with their content – right from teaching us how to do a perfect plank to showing us the best ab workout. The ones who didn’t let us miss the gym during the lockdown, who ensured that we could stay fit even at home.

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1. Rohit Khatri Fitness  

Name: Rohit Khatri
Channel: Rohit Khatri Fitness
Subscribers: 4.93M
Views: 358,014,085
Joined YouTube in December 2016

The first name that pops into mind when one thinks of fitness YouTubers. The 24-year-old fitness coach and nutritionist from New Delhi is one of India’s most celebrated YouTubers, who consistently uploads a new video every Sunday. His content covers everything about fitness – from the physical aspects and the dietary aspects to how to stay motivated and committed to fitness.

2. BeerBiceps

Channel: BeerBiceps
Name: Ranveer Allahbadia
Subscribers: 4.69M
Views: 423,773,085
Joined YouTube in December 2014

Combining self-help, health, and fitness under one big roof, BeerBiceps, run by Ranveer Allahbadia, is one of the leading YouTube channels in India. What was initially exclusively a fitness, health, and self-help channel soon evolved into one that covers fashion, grooming, meditation, mental health, etiquette, communication skills, entrepreneurship, and personal finance? 

3. Guru Mann Fitness 

Channel: Guru Mann Fitness
Name: Guru Mann
Subscribers: 2.35M
Views: 162,943,668
Joined YouTube in December 2015

The 39-year-old Indian-American YouTuber is a fitness influencer and sports nutritionist who began his journey in December 2015 and has grown exponentially since. He uses the channel largely to share fitness and health tips, nutrition tips, and honest product reviews that enable views to make informed decisions. 

4. Jeet Selal Aesthetics

Name: Jeet Selal Aesthetics
Name: Jeet Selal 
Subscribers: 3.91M
Views: 299,824,081
Joined YouTube in January 2016

One of the leading fitness professionals in the Indian community, Jeet Sell is a Sports Science graduate with a double degree in Sports Management from the UK. He is also the founder and CEO of a nutrition brand called Himalayan Stallion, a brand that aims at creating awareness about health and fitness, including sports-related substance abuse in India. 

5. Panghal Fitness

Channel: Panghal Fitness
Name: Amit Panghal 
Subscribers: 1.94M
Views: 94,162,222
Joined YouTube in: June 2008

Panghal Fitness is an Indian fitness channel known best for its specific workout videos including bodybuilding tips. One of the things that make this channel stand out from the rest is Amit Panghal’s sense of humor, which makes his videos a treat for his viewers – a delightful mix of entertainment and education. 

6. Rajveer Fitness Series

Channel: Rajveer Fitness Series
Name: Rajveer Shishodia
Subscribers: 1.85M
Views: 166,749,976
Joined YouTube in August 2018

Rajveer Fitness Series is a fitness channel that began in 2018 and rose quickly to stardom, with a whopping 1.43 million subscribers currently. It is known widely for its quick nutritious recipes, workout and health tips, and motivational content. 


Name: Abhinav Mahajan
Subscribers: 1.83M
Views: 107,058,142
Joined YouTube in September 2015

Hailing from Patiala, Punjab, the model-turned-fitness-trainer-cum-nutritionist started his YouTube journey in 2015 and soon became a sensation in the community. His commitment to working exclusively with vegan brands has earned him substantial recognition and admiration from viewers. In addition to being a fitness trainer and a nutritionist, he is also a motivational speaker and was featured in the Top 100 Influencers in EXHIBIT Magazine for 2019 and 2020.

8. FitMuscle TV

Channel: FitMuscle TV
Name: Gaurav Taneja
Subscribers: 2.11M
Views: 207,781,389
Joined YouTube in December 2017

A pilot by profession, Gaurav Taneja is something of a legend amongst the YouTube community. Essentially a vlogging channel, he is also known for his influential fitness videos. He shares workout tips and routines that cater to all age groups and imparts information regarding nutrition and supplements. 

9. Tarun Gill

Channel: Tarun Gill
Name: Tarun Gill
Subscribers: 1.43M
Views: 262,459,618
Joined YouTube in July 2015

Delhi-based fitness influencer Tarun Gill is appreciated for his interesting interviews of athletes and sports icons around the country. The channel focuses more on the entertainment side of athletics and fitness than fitness itself and has a niche following, lauded by millions of viewers. 

10. Training tips by Dronacharya Bhupender Dhawan and Mr. India Mukesh Singh. 

Channel:  Training tips by Dronacharya Bhupender Dhawan and Mr. India Mukesh Singh.
Name: Bhupender Dhawan & Mukesh Singh
Subscribers: 1.07M
Views: 76,835,558
Joined YouTube in January 2017

Bhupender Dhawan is one of India’s most honored and acclaimed fitness and bodybuilding coaches who were presented with the Dronacharya Award for his contributions to the fitness world. 

Mukesh Singh is a leading bodybuilder and powerlifting champion who has taken home the title of Mr. India four consecutive times from 2008 to 2012. 

Together, their combined expertise has made the channel a treasured source of fitness-related information and tips – a hit from the get-go.

Well, here you are, then, the 10 most influential Indian YouTube personalities in the world of fitness! Which Fitness YouTube channel is your go-to? 

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