By Meenakshi June 22, 2022

India’s 10 best food vloggers on YouTube

It is no secret that India is a land of diverse cuisines, spices, traditions, and cultures, both reflected richly in the multitudes of culinary delicacies we are proud to call ours. How many times have you walked out of a restaurant, thinking fondly about the finger-licking dish you just devoured, speculating whether or not you can recreate the same magic at home? Yeah, we figured. 

Don’t sweat it! Here are India’s 10 leading food and cooking YouTubers and channels to guide you through your culinary journey ––

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1. Nisha Madhulika 

Channel: NishaMadhulika
Name: Nisha Madhulika 
Subscribers: 13.3M
Joined YouTube in: 2009 
Views: 2,772,796,275

Nisha Madhulika is among some of India’s most celebrated vegetarian chefs and has a highly acclaimed cooking channel on YouTube. Besides having a widely established YouTube presence, she is also a restaurant consultant and writes regular food columns for Times of India, Indian Express, Dainik Bhaskar, and Amar Ujala. 

With her innovative, easy-to-understand, and lip-smacking vegetarian recipes, she has quickly won the hearts of millions of foodies and connoisseurs across the country.

2. Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana 

Channel: Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana
Name: Sanjeev Kapoor 
Subscribers: 7.16M
Joined YouTube in 2009
Views: 1,384,542,994
A name that needs no introduction. 

With the belief that “cooking is no rocket science”, India’s most beloved professional chef shares the most helpful culinary tips and hacks and effectively makes cooking perfect, restaurant-level dishes at home easier than ever. A collection of tried and tested recipes carrying the essence of India, and recipes curated from around the world, the channel’s most remarkable characteristic is the warmth of our genial host himself, whose charisma and jolly demeanor have made him a national favorite. His is generally regarded as the last word when it comes to the world of culinary arts  –the grand MasterChef himself.

3. Kabita Singh

Channel: Kabita’s Kitchen 
Name: Kabita Singh
Subscribers: 12.8M
Joined YouTube in 2014
Views: 2,493,165,854

Kabita Singh launched her now-famous channel back in 2014, with the aim to share easy-to-recreate, delicious (chiefly Indian) recipes that can be made with ingredients that are easily available. Decrypting an array of recipes and making them amazingly simple to understand and follow, she never fails to awe her fam of 10 million loyal followers. 

4. Sanjay Thumma

Channel: Vahchef – VahRehVah
Name: Sanjay Thumma
Subscribers: 2.49M
Joined YouTube in 2007
Views: 815,806,577

A name extremely popular amongst foodies from Europe, Australia, and North America, Sanjay Thumma, lovingly known as Vahchef, has left a trail of smitten viewers across the globe. His brilliant take on the use of traditional spices has endeared him to a global audience. 

5. Bhavna’s Kitchen 

Channel: Bhavna’s Kitchen & Living 
Name: Bhavna
Subscribers: 1.03M
Joined YouTube in 2009
Views: 270,269,030

A melange of food, fitness, and fashion. beauty, travel, and gardening, Bhavna’s Kitchen & Living is that one YouTube channel that every cooking enthusiast has heard of, and most likely, turned to in search of one delicious recipe after another. She combines her passion for health with her love for cooking to wow her followers with every update. If exotic vegetarian dishes tickle your fancy, you CAN NOT pass this one by. Let lose the Indian in you and take yourself (and everyone who’ll partake in the food you make) on a culinary journey around India. 

6. Rajshri Food

Channel: Rajshri Food
Subscribers: 3.12M
Joined YouTube in 2011
Views: 564,656,530

Another popular destination for ardent lovers of vegetarian recipes, Rajshri Food is home to a range of culinary experts who share their personal insights to make cooking a manageable, more enjoyable, experience. Right from mastering the art of making coconut cakes to making zero-oil panipuri at home – if there’s a vegetarian dish out there, it’s likely to have been covered by the range of experts at Rajshri Food. 

7. Manjula’s Kitchen 

Channel: Manjula’s Kitchen 
Name: Manjula
Subscribers: 600K
Joined YouTube in 2006
Views: 189,303,647

Home to over 200 amazing vegetarian recipes, including tons of vegan and gluten-free recipes, Manjula’s Kitchen is a step-by-step guide to mastering authentic Indian cuisine. Her wondrous culinary skills and art, coupled with the authentic taste of India she strives to bring to the food, have made her a favorite amongst the Indian audience. 

8. FoodFood

Channel: FoodFood
Name: Sanjeev Kapoor
Subscribers: 1.72M
Joined YouTube in 2011
Views: 271,598,633

What began as India’s very first 24×7 food and lifestyle channel quickly expanded into an immense community of food amateurs and connoisseurs alike. Conceptualized by the legendary chef Sanjeev Kapoor, the show is adored by all categories of viewers – men, women, and children alike. The channel isn’t just restricted to food and cooking, but also beautifully explains the various intricacies included in the process. If you’re even a little curious about food, this one’s a hard-to-miss destination. 

9. Healthy Kadai 

Channel: Healthy Kadai
Name: Richa Gupta
Subscribers: 253K
Joined YouTube in 2014
Views: 43,845,053

An Indian cooking channel that marries the goal of maintaining good health with the goal of making homemade food and cooking easier. It is home to a bunch of popular, not-so-popular, and innovative Indian recipes, categorized into – pickle recipes, innovation in cooking, healthy air-fryer recipes, baking recipes, Punjabi recipes, and the like.  

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