By Meenakshi June 22, 2022

India’s most famous motorcycle YouTubers

While the notion of vlogging has been there for quite a while in India, the idea of moto-vlogging remains comparatively new. Not for too long, though. Already we have witnessed a surge of YouTubers in the moto-vlogging category, bringing their love of motorcycles, travel, and adventures visually to life. Their content is appreciated not only by motorcycle enthusiasts but by most everyone who happens across their channel – thanks to their wit and, above all, the spectacular views and vistas they manage to capture via camera. 

Which moto-vloggers to collaborate with?

1. Mumbiker Nikhil 

Channel: Mumbiker Nikhil 
Name: Nikhil Sharma 
Hometown: Mumbai 
Joined YouTube in July 2013
Subscribers: 3.93M
Views: 1,481,575,963

A travel and biking enthusiast, Nikhil Sharma, a former cabin crew with Qatar Airlines, is now an eminent travel biker and YouTuber with a huge follower base. He was actually one of the pioneers of the Indian moto vlogging category on YouTube. His mission is to successfully capture and show the world’s most mind-blowing views to his viewers. Combining his wanderlust with his love for biking, he churns out some truly amazing content, leaving no doubt as to his rise to fame. He has explored places including but not limited to Japan, Europe, Dubai, the UK, the US, and countless more. 

2. Oggy F

Channel: Oggy F
Name: Ogden Fernandes 
Subscribers: 185K
Joined YouTube in June 2011
Views: 56,372,581

What originally began as an alternative to commuting between home and work soon developed into a full-fledged passion for biking. Ogden Fernandes is one of the most celebrated moto-vloggers in India, whose popularity spiked exponentially after his video series ‘Bad Mumbai Drivers’, where he comments on the rash-riding, rules-defying motorcyclists who compromise their safety as well as that of others. While his content has evolved greatly, the underlying message he tries to convey is to encourage motorcyclists to ride sensibly and responsibly. 

3. MSK

Channel: MSK 
Name: Mohammed Salim Khan
Subscribers: 1.71M
Joined YouTube in September 2014
Views: 352,351,153

One of the most accomplished moto-vloggers, travelers, filmmakers, and YouTubers in India, MSK, aka Mohammed Salim Khan, has multiple accolades to his name. A TEDx speaker, he won the Vlogger of the Year 2020 StreamConAsia, in addition to which, he has been featured in all kinds of famous publications like Radio City, MissMalini, Travel+Leisure India, Cosmopolitan India, etc. Hyundai, Philips India, Samsung, OYO, Gillette, Myntra, Wrangler, Royal Enfield, Yamaha, and The Man Company are just some of the brands he has worked with as a moto-vlogger. 

4. AnnyArun

Channel: AnnyArun
Name: Arun 
Subscribers: 120K
Joined YouTube in July 2009
Views: 13,653,681

Also famous as GoPro Man, Arun is a talented, young moto-vlogger whose content is loved by all kinds of viewers. His excursions range from bike rides along the verdant Western Ghats of Karnataka right up to Rann of Kutch and Ladakh. His channel features some truly inspiring views and panoramas from his travels. 

5. RiderGirl Vishakha

Channel: RiderGirl Vishakha
Name: Vishakha Fulsunge
Subscribers: 1.05M
Joined YouTube in February 2017
Views: 84,374,489

India’s first female moto-vlogger, Vishakha is a feministic icon in the community, shattering stereotypes and defying norms with her stunning adventures. Holder of 2 India Book of Records, the young solo rider’s YouTube channel documents her excursions all across the Indian subcontinent. Featured in several magazines, her journeys, and their beautiful documentation has led to her becoming one of the most celebrated YouTubers in India. 

6. Motor Beam

Channel: Motor Beam 
Name: Faisal Khan
Subscribers: 919K
Joined YouTube in June 2008
Views: 239,234,315

A widely known moto-vlogging channel, loved by all biking and motorcycle enthusiasts, Motor Beam is a channel led by Faisal Khan. His content, quite extensive, covers everything from product reviews, informative videos, and, of course, his bike journeys. The best part is how he finds ways to intersperse his travel videos with immensely helpful product reviews and personal insights. 

7. BikeWithGirl

Channel: BikeWithGirl 
Name: Priyanka Kochar 
Subscribers: 379K
Joined YouTube in January 2016
Views: 80,430,572

Just another girl who loves motorcycles, fast cars, and, naturally, traveling. Like Motor Beam, Priyanka is also an expert in the field of motorcycles and automobiles and creates extensive pieces featuring the latest motorcycles and cars – something her viewers have come to reply wholeheartedly on. 

8. Vikas Rachamalla

Channel: Vikas Rachamalla
Name: Vikas Rachamalla
Subscribers: 188K
Joined YouTube in February 2011
Views: 45,352,881

Hailing from Hyderabad, this young motorbike enthusiast is passionate about riding, traveling, and road safety. He can be seen on several motor racing circuits with his bike. However, what the viewers admire more than anything else is the DIY category on his channel, along with an array of informative videos made in an easy-to-understand way. 

9. Jasminder Singh

Channel: JS Films 
Name: Jasminder Singh
Subscribers: 3.28M
Joined YouTube in August 2013
Views: 632,071,785

The brainchild of Jasminder Singh, JS Films is all about this young ‘extrovert on a bike’ and his delightful stories that involve traveling, biking, and connecting with people everywhere he goes. HIs content, while portraying his great journeys and his passion for motorcycles, is one that’s known also for his impressive sense of humor. One can find everything right from bike reviews, custom motorcycles, store lists, launches, and journeys on the channel. 

10. Arati’s Life

Channel: Arati’s Life
Name: Arati Tawde 
Subscribers: 81.1K
Joined YouTube in February 2016 
Views: 5,538,426

A software engineer turned full-time YouTuber and moto-vlogger, Arati’s channel clearly reflects her passion for all things motorcycle and travel. Her content is notably informative and fun, but also unique. His personality is really the cherry on top of her successful channel. 

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