By Meenakshi June 22, 2022

10 most famous tech YouTubers of India

The technological market is an extremely dynamic one, and purchasing any electronic gadget is akin to an investment. How do we make sure it’s a rewarding one? We rely on suggestions and reviews from experts. That’s where our tech YouTubers come in. Everything you need to know about a product before purchasing it, each detail and specification, is made available to you by this trusted community of tech masterminds to make sure you invest in the right gadget. 

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1. Technical Guruji

Channel: Technical Guruji
Name: Gaurav Chaudhary 
Subscribers: 22.8M
Joined YouTube in October 2015
Views: 3,221,284,257

Gaurav Chaudhary started his channel in 2015, with the aim to make technology easy to decode and understand for all. His videos are mostly in Hindi to make them more accessible to the masses, and to help them not be intimidated by technology and gadgets. Right from unboxing videos to reviews of different gadgets, and devices, to understanding cryptocurrency – one can find just about everything related to technology on Technical Guruji.

2. Geekyranjit

Channel: Geekyranjit
Name: Ranjit Kumar
Subscribers: 3.32M
Joined YouTube in January 2011
Views: 808,703,141

Hailed as India’s largest English tech channel, and one of the most viewed ones at that, Geekyranjit is a one-stop destination for all things tech. Having over 30 years of experience working with computers, his smartphone and gadget reviews are generally regarded as highly reliable. A web developer, entrepreneur, and a gadget-reviewer, the brilliant content of this self-made ‘geek’ has landed his channel a name amongst the Top 10 Best Tech YouTubers in India. 

3. Tech Burner

Channel: Tech Burner
Name: Shlok Srivastava
Subscribers: 9.97M
Joined YouTube in September 2014
Views: 1,478,570,856

A combination of quirky, unique, informative, and entertaining, Tech Burner’s content has been his recipe for rapid and exponential growth. The channel hit a milestone with the video ‘How to build a computer with just 4,000 Rs’, which went viral all over the internet. Making tech videos fun, relatable, easy to understand, and at the same time informative is a challenge, one that tech master Shlok, an engineer has achieved wonderfully, as attested by his community of over 5 million subscribers. 

4. Sharmaji Technical 

Channel: Sharmaji Technical 
Name: Praval Sharma
Subscribers: 1.67M
Joined YouTube in March 2008
Views: 271,967,236

One of the most celebrated professional Hindi tech YouTube channels in India, Sharmaji Technical was established with the purpose of being able to reach a great number of the Indian audience. This is also one of the reasons the content on this channel is majorly in Hindi. Find tech updates, recommendations, gadget reviews, what have you – everything on Sharmaji Technical. Praval Sharma strives to make technology understandable to each and every one.

Fun fact: Sharmaji Technical served as an inspiration to Technical Guruji! 

5. Technical Sagar

Channel: Technical Sagar
Name: Abhishek Sagar
Subscribers: 2.94M
Joined YouTube in December 2014
Views: 373,702,990

A self-taught ethical hacker and native of Delhi, Technical Sagar, aka Abhishek Sagar, strives to disseminate knowledge about cyber security, ethical hacking, WordPress, global tech updates, and much more. His extensive knowledge about the world of cyber security and ethical hacking makes him stand out from the other leading YouTubers in India. 

6. Technical Dost

Channel: Technical Dost
Name: Hitesh Kumar
Subscribers: 2.02M
Joined YouTube in June 2016
Views: 242,951,671

Marrying humor and entertainment with informative content, Technical Dost, led by Hitesh Kumar, is one of the most widely viewed tech YouTube channels in India. Including a vast array of content ranging from smartphone and gadget recommendations and reviews, Technical Dost is the ideal balance of education and humor. 

7. iGyaan

Channel: iGyaan
Name: Bharat Nagpal
Subscribers: 1.05M
Joined YouTube in: June 2010
Views: 219,485,179

A veteran in the field of web design, product enhancement, and technology, Bharat Nagpal is an Apple engineer and a Microsoft product partner. His content is considered very credible, and it covers everything gadget, ranging from unboxing videos to gadget recommendations and reviews. One of his most-viewed videos, with 17lac views, remains ‘Top headphones for under Rs. 800’. His content is categorized based on different aspects like budget, luxury gadgets, cars and accessories, and the like. The channel’s tagline “we explain tech” is perhaps the most accurate way of describing it. 

8. C4ETech

Channel: C4ETech
Name: Ashwin Ganesh
Subscribers: 1.81M
Joined YouTube in March 2007
Views: 422,853,292

Another tech YouTuber with a seat amongst the ‘Top 10 Best Tech YouTubers in India’, C4ETech, run by Ashwin Ganesh, specializes chiefly in content related to Android smartphones. One can find unboxing videos, reviews, gadget comparisons, tutorials, and most everything on this channel. If you have any questions about smartphones, he’s probably got a video on it. 

9. Techno Ruhez

Channel: Techno Ruhez
Name: Ruhez Amerlia
Subscribers: 3.48M
Joined YouTube in January 2015
Views: 697,788,670

Techno Ruhez is one of the most commended tech YouTube channels in India, founded and run by the 28-year-old Ruhez Amrelia. He brings you everything that is interesting in the world of tech and gadgets, however, his tips, tricks, and little tutorials that make you go “Wow! Didn’t know it could do that!” are what makes him a class apart. Get to know your gadget inside and out with helpful little hacks from your tech companion Techno Ruhez. 

10. GadgetsToUse

Channel: GadgetsToUse
Name: Abhishek Bhatnagar
Subscribers: 971K
Joined YouTube in March 2011
Views: 214,557,095

A software engineer turned blogger/YouTuber, Abhishek Bhatnagar uses his extensive knowledge about IT, technology, and gadgets to run his channel GadgetsToUse. Filled with informative reviews, insightful recommendations, unboxing videos, nifty tips, and hacks, this channel is a goldmine for tech enthusiasts.