By Meenakshi June 21, 2022

India’s 10 most-viewed gaming YouTubers

The introduction of extensive mobile games has brought about a revolution in the world of gaming. A revolution that was further fuelled by YouTube, as one of the most popular game streaming platforms in the world. Free Fire games, additionally, have proven extremely fruitful for many Indian YouTubers as you’re about to discover in a few minutes. The most iconic game that all the following YouTubers have in common in their streaming content is PUBG Mobile, which took the world by storm. 

Which one of these YouTubers do you already know and follow and why? 

What you need to know about India’s best gaming YouTubers

1. Dynamo Gaming 

Channel: Dynamo Gaming 
Name: Aadi Sawant 
Joined YouTube in July 2010
Subscribers: 10M
Views: 1,165,847,820

Also known as Aadii ‘Dynamo’ Sawant, Dynamic Gaming is one of the top 10 YouTube gaming channels in India. He began first by streaming games such as Mini Militia, and, after the launch of PUBG Mobile, that, too, became part of his regular uploads. You can access various streams from GTA, Dota2, BF1, BF3, BF4, and countless others on this channel.  The 9M+ subscribers of Dynamo Gaming enjoy his daily video uploads.

2. Total Gaming 

Channel: Total Gaming 
Name: Ajay 
Joined YouTube in October 2018
Subscribers: 34.2M
Views: 5,406,170,314

Total Gaming, founded and run by Ajay, fondly known as Ajju Bhai, is the leading YouTube gaming channel in India. What began on a small scale in 2018 soon became a sensation in the YouTube community. Within a span of over 2 years, the channel currently has a subscriber base of over 24 million! Total Gaming is also the founder of Total Gaming eSports, a freeform eSports organization, where he functions as one of the players. 

3. CarryisLive

Channel: CarryisLive
Name: Ajey Nagar
Joined YouTube in January 2017
Subscribers: 11.5M
Views: 1,439,659,579

One of the biggest gaming channels, started by the legendary Carryminati (Ajey Nagar) himself, CarryisLive was established in 2017 and was quick to rise to fame. He was also featured in Time Magazine’s list of Next Generation Leaders 2019, which is kind of a big deal. 

4. Mortal

Channel: Mortal
Name: Naman Mathur
Joined YouTube in September 2013
Subscribers: 6.99M
Views: 1,192,290,945

One of the hottest Indian gaming channels on YouTube, Mortal is the brainchild of Naman Mathur, a professional PUBG Mobile player. His journey began back in 2013, with the streaming of iconic mobile games like Mini Militia. Since then, Mortal has won several PUBG Mobile tournaments and has also done so well as to represent India on an international level. What’s more, Mortal is also the founder of Team Soul.

5. Desi Gamers

Channel: Desi Gamers 
Name: Amit Sharma
Joined YouTube in May 2015
Subscribers: 13.3M
Views: 2,014,172,839

Thanks to the rapidly increasing popularity of Free Fire, creating content has become an incredibly rewarding task for YouTubers. Currently, Free Fire enjoys participation from over 100M players! One of the most famous gaming YouTubers in India, Amit Sharma’s channel Desi Gamers is proof of that. 

6. Two Side Gamers 

Channel: Two Side Gamers 
Name: Ritik Jain, Jash Dhokha
Joined YouTube in September 2018
Subscribers: 11.6M
Views: 2,045,177,965

Founded by the dynamic duo Ritik Jain and Jash Dhokha, TWO SIDE GAMERS is a beloved gaming channel in the YouTube community. Starting merely in 2018, the channel has had tremendous growth and journey. The founders play and stream multiple games online while keeping the viewers hooked with their brilliant commentary. 

7. Gyan Gaming 

Channel: Gyan Gaming 
Name: Ankit Sujan
Joined YouTube in September 2017
Subscribers: 14.5M
Views: 2,163,245,871

Another leading Free Fire streamer with a successful YouTube gaming channel, Gyan Gaming was started back in 2017, but since then has seen a striking surge in the numbers of subscribers as well as views. He shares Garena Free Fire Match videos with engaging commentary in Hindi.

8. Sc0ut

Channel: Sc0ut
Name: Tanmay Singh 
Joined YouTube in August 2018
Subscribers: 4.65M
Views: 572,313,263

Founded by a professional PUBG Mobile player who has also had the honor of representing India on an international level. Another YouTuber who began not a very long time ago, but grew incredibly over the span of 2+ years. He also grew to be celebrated in the gaming world as Entry Fragger, for his gaming skills in PUBG Mobile.

9. Kronten Gaming 

Channel: Kronten Gaming 
Name: Chetan Sanjay Chandgude 
Joined YouTube in February 2018
Subscribers: 2.08M
Views: 274,048,954

Famous as Kronten in the gaming world, Chetan Sanjay Chandgude is renowned for his entertaining PUBG Mobile playing and streaming videos. Founder of the organization Godlike Official, in partnership with Nova Esports, Kronten Gaming reached great heights of success in just 2 years, with over 250 million views.

10. The RawKnee Games

Channel: The RawKnee Games
Name: Ronodeep Dasgupta
Joined YouTube in April 2017
Subscribers: 3.91M
Views: 699,200,885

One of the most well-known gaming YouTubers in India, The RawKnee Games is Rony Dasgupta’s second YouTube channel. His first channel is The RawKnee Show, famous for its unique content and roasting, not much unlike Carryminati. The channel has one Livestream upload every day, and one highlight uploads every alternate day. 

Voila! That’s the list of the 10 most popular gaming YouTubers in India. Do you think we have missed any? Feel free to let us know in the comments section! 

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