• When the fan books the YouTuber’s call, the fan has to wait for 24 hours from the booking time for the YouTuber to call.
  • While booking the call, the fan can add the image or doc and write any message if they want. 
  • Once a call has been booked, it cannot be rescheduled or canceled.
  • If the fan rejects the call then the call amount is credited to the YouTuber 
  • If the fan does not pick up a call after 3 trials then the amount is credited to the YouTuber.
  • If a YouTuber initiates a fan call but the fan is busy and wants to convey that the YouTuber can call back after some time, the fan can click on the message button and send a message stating when they want to be called back – either in 15, 30, or 60 minutes. Once the fan sends the message, the “call now” button on the YouTuber’s side for the particular fan will freeze and they will be able to call the fan only after the specified time.
  • The fan can report if the YouTuber is not revealing their face properly, not speaking clearly, or for any other reason. If a report is made, then the amount paid to the YouTuber will be put on hold. The fancall team will check the recording, and based on their findings, the amount will either be credited or refunded
  • If the call is disconnected from the fan side due to an internet issue or if the fan picks up the GSM or WhatsApp call between the YouTuber’s ongoing call then the fancall would be disconnected within 15 sec of the call picked time. 
  • Once the call is disconnected then the YouTuber will not be able to call the fan again until the fan again books a slot 
  • The YouTuber will only know the name and city/state of the fan and not their personal details.
  • The fan cannot take a screenshot or record the screen, but they can take one fan moment. If the fan reports the YouTuber during the call, the call will be disconnected, and the payment will be put on hold. Once the fancall team reviews the recording and verifies the issue, the appropriate amount will be credited accordingly   
  • The fan is not allowed to initiate the call. 
  • The fan can not withdraw the amount that has been credited once in the fancall wallet. The fan can ask for a refund in case of any issue but the same amount has been added to the fancall wallet.
  • If a youtuber forgets to initiate a call or if the call gets disconnected by the youtuber, the fan will receive a refund of the amount credited. This will happen after 26 hours of the call booking time, which includes 24 hours for the youtuber to initiate the call and an additional 2 hours for the transaction time.
  • The fan has completed a call with a YouTuber and he is not satisfied because they didn’t reveal their face or their behavior was inappropriate, he can request a refund. To do this, go to “My Bookings” and click on the “Refund Request” button. It’s important to note that this button is only available for 24 hours after the call has been completed or disconnected.
  • It is recommended that fans do not log out of the Fancall application if they have already booked a slot with a YouTuber. If the fan logs out, the YouTuber will not be able to connect with them for their scheduled call. To ensure a smooth and uninterrupted experience, fans are advised to remain logged in until their booked call is completed.