• The YouTuber has 24 hours to call a fan from the booked time slot 
  • When the YouTuber initiates the calls he has two options 
  1. He can enable automatic mode for calling the fans, where the sequence will determine which fan to call next without requiring him to manually select. After completing a call, the YouTuber will receive a 30-second break before the next fan call.
  2. If a YouTuber wishes to call a fan without following a sequence, they must disable the automatic mode which allows them to select and call fans. By doing so, they can call a fan at any time based on availability, take a break, and then call another fan whenever they want within 24 hours of the booking time.


  • If a fan attaches something while booking a slot for a YouTuber, the YouTuber can view the image and document before and during the call. If the fan writes a msg or any description then the YouTuber would able to see the msg before initiating the call not during the call.
  • The YouTuber has the right to reject a call extension request from a fan. If the YouTuber does not reject the request within 10 seconds, the fan can extend the call by default.
  • The YouTuber would not be able to record or take a screenshot of the call. However, if fans capture a fan moment using the moment capture button available on the fan side. The YouTuber would get the notification of the fan-captured moment.
  • The YouTuber would not be able to end the call before the booked time is completed.
  • If the fan does not pick up the call, the YouTuber can call 3 times in the interval of 15 minutes before the 24 hours of the booking time
  • If the YouTuber initiates the call and the user picks up the call then the YouTuber would receive the payment after 49 hours of the booking time. 
  • If the YouTuber does not initiate the call the amount is refunded to the fan after 26 hours of the booking time.
  • The YouTuber is not allowed to pick up any GSM Calls or WhatsApp calls while ongoing fan calls. If he picks up the call then the fan’s call is disconnected automatically and the amount is refunded to the fan.
  • The YouTuber is also not allowed to use other applications while on an ongoing fan call as the video will be stuck if he goes back to another app on ios and On the Android side, the call will run on PIP (picture and picture) mode
  • If the ongoing fan call is been disconnected then the amount will be in transition where the fancall team will investigate the call and the amount will be credited accordingly for example if the call is been disconnected fanside due to any issues then the amount is credited to the YouTuber and vice versa.
  • The Youtuber can share the affiliated link with the user as well as with the other Youtuber. Here if the fan downloads the fancall application through this link then the YouTuber will receive 50rs as soon as the fan registers on the fancall app through this link. In case another YouTuber downloads the fancall application and registers themselves as the YouTuber then the fancall team checks the criteria that need to be fulfilled to be eligible on fancall. After the eligibility criteria, if the YouTuber is approved then after completing his 1st fan call after 24 hours the referring YouTuber will receive a  750 rs amount and the referred YouTuber will receive 250 rs.

If a fan has booked a call but has logged out of the application, the YouTuber will not be able to call the fan as the call selection button will be disabled. The fan needs to be logged in to the application during the scheduled call time for the call selection button to be enabled and for the call to take place..