Referral Bonus

Users can easily refer their friends to try the Fancall app. To get started, simply click on the “Invite Friends” option and share the referral link through WhatsApp, SMS, or any other app. When someone downloads the Fancall app using the referral link, their user ID, phone number, and device are verified to ensure that no duplicates exist. To qualify for the referral bonus, the referred user must sign up and book a call with a YouTuber. Once the call is scheduled, both the referring and referred users will receive a reward of Rs. 50. Users can view the referral bonus they’ve earned and the names of the referred users in their account settings.

Note:-  Referral bonuses are available only to fans who can share the referral link with other fans. They may receive up to Rs 1000 as a referral bonus. However, sharing the link with a YouTuber will not earn them any referral bonus.