46. How to create a coupon on Fancall?

Ans. Log in as a Youtuber >> Click on Click on Profile >> Click on Create Coupon >> Add Coupon Name (Can put any) >> Add Coupon Description ( As per his coupon name) >> Add Discount Percentage ( How much percentage discount the YouTuber wants to give on slot booking) >> Add Maximum Discount Amount ( The Youtuber can set the maximum amount of discount he wants the fans to get ) >> Add Maximum Usage Count:- Youtuber can set a limit for how many times the coupon can be used. >> Select Coupon Usage:- There are 2 types (Minimum Slot:- How many minimum slots are needed to be booked to apply the coupon. And Minimum Order Value:- How much minimum booking amount is required to use the coupon.) After selecting either of the above-mentioned types, the YouTuber has to add a value. For instance, if the YouTuber selects the minimum slot option, then they have to specify the minimum number of slots that need to be booked to redeem the coupon. >> Add Expiry date:- The YouTuber should add an expiry date for the coupon, after which the coupons will not be accessible. >> Coupon Usage:- Youtubers need to specify whether a coupon can be used one time or daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. >> Active it:- There is a button to turn the coupon on/off, indicating whether you want to activate it now or not. >> Click on Create Coupon