Upcoming Schedule

The YouTuber will be able to view the upcoming fan call bookings on their dashboard. They can see the fan’s name, the scheduled call duration, and the date. When the YouTuber clicks on the fan name he is redirected to the calling page where he can start a call. 


  • There are two ways for a YouTuber to start a call. The first way is to call the fan individually. The YouTuber can select the fan they want to call first and click on the “start the call” button. The second way is to turn on the automatic call button. The YouTuber can set the phone and click on the automatic button where the calls will start from the beginning. YouTubers will not be able to select the fan individually in this case. On the calling page, the YouTuber will be able to see the date, time, name of the fan, and the name of the state from where they belong. They can also see how many slots the fan has booked. The YouTuber will be able to see how many times they have called the fans besides the fan’s name.
  • A YouTuber has the option to call a fan up to three times within a 15-minute interval.
  • If a fan has scheduled a call for the coming day, the YouTuber cannot make the call until the scheduled time arrives.